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Door: Levanda
Commentaar van de schrijver:
I should be doing physics right now... But my thoughts took me somewhere else. Thoughts tend to take you far away. They didn't though... They took me closer.
Categorie: Gedichten
Geschatte leestijd: ca. 1 minuten

It is not fair, it isn't.
Why does this have to happen?
She did not deserve this.
She did not do anything.
She could not have done anything...

It is not fair, it isn't.
Why did this have to happen?
He does not deserve this.
He has not done anything...

It is not fair, it isn't.
Why do I have to know?
Why does it have to move me,
If there is nothing, nothing
I can do to help?
Gepost op 09-05-2011 om 15:16 uur
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Alle verhalen van deze schrijver (Levanda)

Wow, very moving, Levanda. I wonder, how did these thoughts bring you closer? Closer to what?

Just one remark about the text. The third verse, fourth sentence, it says: If there is nothing, nothing I can do to help? Did you perhaps mean: Is there nothing, nothing I can do to help?

Gepost op 09-05-2011 Om 15:40
No, I don`t mean "is there". But since I had expected this remark, I shall see if I can change it, so it becomes clear that I do mean "if there is".

Thank you for your compliment=)

I should have said: my thoughts brought me to something that was closer to me.
Gepost op 09-05-2011 Om 16:20

Door: Levanda
I changed itI hope it is better this way.
Gepost op 09-05-2011 Om 16:30

I get it now. Dont know what you did, but it is clear to me now.


Dont know if you want to hear it, but if I dont say it I will never now if you do, so I will say it anyway. Of course you are free to disagree, but I believe that when something moves you, there is always, always something you can do. I believe that a person does not have those feelings coincidentally. I believe that being moved helps a person to move. I gives the energy to do what is the right thing to do.

Gepost op 09-05-2011 Om 16:57
Yes, I used to think that too... But now I have a friend (we are not friends that long yet) who had a girlfriend. She had lots of problems and I tried to help him and her through him, but now they broke up. So I can still help him, which I try to do ofcours, but I cannot help her anymore (I dont know her and she lives in another city). And she really needs help. Professional help actually, but there is no one close to her who can help her get to it. Except for him, but as I said, the broke up, so that is no option anymore.

So I really cannot help her, but I feel so bad for her...
Gepost op 09-05-2011 Om 23:25

Door: EsQuizzy

Your poem reminds me of a certain page of a certain webcomic. But I am afraid of quoting it here because you really *should* also take enough time for your learning. And I *know* that webcomic to be quite addictive.

You may ask me after your exams are over.

Gepost op 09-05-2011 Om 20:08
I shall ask you after my exams are over=)
Gepost op 09-05-2011 Om 23:19

Levanda, there is something you can do. You can pray to God that He will send her the help she needs. He will anwser your prayer. I am absolutely sure about that. Prayer is a very powerful tool. But if He sends her the help she needs, she needs to acknowledge that she needs that help. I dont know if she does that or not, but I know it is difficult for a lot of people to accept help. God *never* forces you to accept His help if you do not wish to. But when you do invite Him to help you, He will do it gladly.

Gepost op 10-05-2011 Om 11:38
Well, just there lays the problem. She wont do so. And that is what I would want to help her with. I actually had a whole plan laid out of how he could convince her (though convincing sounds a bit to strong) that she just had to trust some adults and accept help.

I dont know about praying... It feels so dishonest when you dont actually believe. It feels like I would be mocking religion and that is not what I want. Well, if you have a look around the site I am sure you will figure out how I look upon religion. Kinda. It is difficult for me. I dont believe, because I cant (I cant explain why right now), but I feel very close to christianity. It is really strange. I am one of those annoying persons who dont believe in God, but do believe that there is "something". Although... I am not even sure that I believe that there is something. See what I mean?
Gepost op 10-05-2011 Om 22:46

Door: EsQuizzy

Say, I have an idea.

I am sure that those of us who do believe there is someOne and know Him, will be more than happy to ask Him to help your friend(s).

I will.

Gepost op 11-05-2011 Om 08:55

I see what you mean, Levanda.
I appreciate you, being so honest about how you feel and what you believe. I respect that.

EsQuizzys idea sounds good to me. I would be happy to pray for this girl as well, if you would like that. I do not need to know her name. I believe that He knows it.

Gepost op 11-05-2011 Om 11:50
Thank you, both of you. I would really appreciate your prayers. It is a comfort to me.
Gepost op 11-05-2011 Om 14:02

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